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While the world is breaking apart ...

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Globalization is like a free ticket to enter several countries on the globe within a very short time without much effort! What if globalization can become its own downfall though?

The picture shows the spreading of infection areas of COVID-19. The darker it is the higher is the risk of an infection with COVID-19.

"Nothing will be the same anymore..."

I have never thought that my first blog will be about a pandemic bioweapon...

Everything was so close and tangible, I would have had just a few more weeks until my big trip began. And now it seems like the world is breaking apart and everyone is suffering under this topic. Either if it is shown in cheap gas prices, in stores bought up empty, empty soccer stadiums, cancellation of mass events or of dozen of flights as well as the closure of borders.

It's crazy how fast the good effects of globalization can turn into a disaster. A few weeks ago people laughed at the Chinese reaction against Corona. To be honest, I also didn't take it seriously and thought the media are exaggerating. I just knew something is wrong with this virus. And now, a few weeks later it has spread so quickly that the whole world is suffering under the pandemic effects.

One thing I know, my round-the-world trip won't be a normal one anymore - the world is changing, the economy is suffering already and it will get worse if the situation doesn't calm down soon. We have no idea what will happen the next weeks but maybe it is forcing us to keep our feet on the ground and changing our behavior in handling with our planet.

"In which way does it affect my future travel plans?"

Well I thought I'm well prepared but I have definitely not planned with a pandemic outbreak and closed borders around the globe.

Currently, I'm stuck in Germany, I can't leave and no other country will let me in as Germany belongs to the risk lists countries. In the middle of my last preparations I sadly have to watch how the world is breaking apart before I even started my trip.

I'm actually not the one who's panicking quickly but as soon as it has affected my travel plans I was getting more and more worried. From day to day I had to watch how another country is declaring immigration restrictions or is closing their borders. Yesterday, my first travel destination also declared an entry ban for all foreigners. It is depressing, of course, but it is making me more angry because I know, deep inside, this virus was made of humans.

It is destroying my complete plans, maybe the whole world. I cannot enjoy my last days here in Germany as everything is about to be shut down, the streets are practically void, people are getting crazy about toilet paper and are bunkering food at home.

Every morning I wake up and I think it's all a very bad joke. But it isn't. Unfortunately.

"Stay positive"

Although it is hard, after all what happened, to think positive, it is not worth to fall into any kind of depression or sadness. We are all sitting in one boat and we need to make the best out of our situation!

Nothing is lost. It is just delaying itself to another date in future. Use the time at home with your close ones, spend time with your family, focus on the really important things in life, use the situation to your best and spread LOVE.

In the end we are all one and want to enjoy our life. So, please, stop panicking and getting crazy about toilet paper!

“What is important to know for all travelers?"

Several countries have already imposed travel and immigration restrictions due to COVID-19. All travelers are obliged to check relevant travel advisories from and to the countries to which they are travelling.

For that, I can recommend the app "sicher reisen"from Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt). There you will be informed about the latest news about Corona regulations in every country.

Luckily, many airlines, travel agencies and operators have already adjusted their regulations regarding changing or cancellation of bookings free of charges!

That makes things easier. Yet, not if you are placed in hold for hours... #bepatient

For every traveler out there I hope the situation is calming down soon and we are able to leave the borders again. I don't know what you are doing, but I'll leave this country like that:

"Do not panic, you can still live your dream!"

It is making your path more bumpier but it is no obstacle! In contrary, it should make you even stronger and if you reached your destination you can proudly say "I bucked the trend!"

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