Unfiltered reality vs. filtered reality

While scrolling through Instagram or any other social media you only see beautiful and flawless pictures or videos. Of course you feel more attracted by nice pictures than from shady pictures of your travel destination. Because then you might think "Oh no, I don't wanna go there". But in my opinion it is important to see the reality too. Or are you walking with a filter on through your life as well? I don't think so. That's why I want to contrast the nice insta pics with the reality in the following blog.

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About Me

I grew up in a small village in Germany and went the "normal, given" way, as I went to school, graduated my Abitur (general university entrance certificate), had a few part-time jobs, finished my apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade and gained some working experience in this field. By now, I'm living in my own flat, have my own car, travelled to a few places - actually a pretty nice and wealthy german standardized life.

However, there is no 100% fulfillment and I wondered if this is it what life has prepared for me?! 

I've always had that deep desire to go abroad and see the world. So, I decided to leave every prosperity I had, family and friends behind and realize my plans - exploring the world by my own!


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