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For all backpacker lovers!


Africa - South East Asia - Australia 



Africa does also have lot's of beautiful spots for backpackers!

Starting from untouched raw West Africa over incredible nature and African wildlife in Central-East-Africa ending in the modern and progressive South Africa with its metropolis Cape Town and Johannesburg.

It's not made for everyone, there will be a completely different lifestyle apart from any European heaven, money has a completely different worth to them and it's another backpacker vibe than you'll experience in Asia. However, if you adapt yourself quickly to new environments, having no expectations and are open to get to know a totally new and beautiful culture, you will love it! 


Africa will either make you or break you.

Easy or challenging?
Best travel time
North Africa



Middle - it provides an interesting history, fascinating landscape, desert, pyramids, 

unique cultural sites as well as the Red Sea. It doesn't count to my favorite backpacking hotspot though because I connect these countries with package holidays & many German elderlies.                        

March-May or


The hottest months are June-Middle Sept. with up to 45 degrees

The winter months are Dez.-Feb.

West Africa

Ghana, Senegal

Definitely challenging!

Central-East Africa


Kenia, Tanzania,


Also quite challenging for backpacker beginners!

Southern Africa

Namibia, Botswana,


South Africa

Favorite travel destination under European backpackers. Recommended for beginners as South Africa is the most progressive country of Africa.


Asia definitely counts to the backpacking hotspot No.1

Especially Namibia and Botsuana counts to the safest backpacker destinations in Africa surrounded by untouched nature and not crowded by tourists. 

South Africa can be dangerous, especially in so called Townships. You should never walk alone outside at night.

Asian Landscape
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