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Packing list

The probably most difficult question will be "What am I taking with me?"

You've probably heard the statement already "Less is more", which I can totally agree with because in the end you're lucky about every kilo less to carry. But what is the right garment and what else do I need on a round-the-world trip? 

I've listed you the most important things here, depending all on my own investigations and experiences. 

Your constant travel mate

You should not be picky in general but when it comes to the decision of your future travel mate you're allowed to be picky.

It will be a genuine allrounder if you take the right one! 


Don't forget it has to satisfy more than one need! ;)

As it will be your wardrobe, laundry bag, travel kitchen, first aid kit, your safe and much more for the next 12 months...

I got my backpack as well as other useful items from Globetrotter in Munich - a wonderland for all travelers. 

I had no idea which backpack I want to. After trying on a few backpacks from different brands and sizes and good consulting I've decided myself for a backpack from Deuter with 70 liters volume.

Actually I didn't want to take this brand because I thought it's super German but it fit perfectly and the soft back padding felt super comfortable. Plus, it is not too long and the usual volume is made for 60 liters, the extra 10 liter space is only for just in case (on the picture the whole 70 liters are packed). 

There are also other possibilities such as a suitcase, handbag and a backpack on rolls. But these are very uncomfortable if you plan on walking a bit and are not only in big cities.

You might think 60 liters is way too small, but what you can't pack in a 60 liter backpack you also can't pack in a 70-80 liter backpack. You really don't need that much and also know that you have to limit yourself. The best thing you can do is to visit a profissional store with good consultation and try a few ones on, open them to see the space inside and let your instinct decide. 

A good feature is the lower space in the backpack which you can separate with a zipper to store dirty or wet laundrey/shoes in. In order to have more tidiness in your backpack though, I definitely recommend stuffing bags!


I've listed you my 3 favorite backpacks below. To find out more about them simply click on them! ;)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-21 um
Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-21 um
Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-23 um

Additionally, you will need a smaller day backpack. For that one, I wouldn't spend that much money. Just look for one which is waterproof, easy to stow away, has an extra laptop pocket maybe with safety technology (if you are carrying a laptop or iPad) and external pockets for your travel accessories. This will also be your carry-on bag for the plane or other transportation with all your important things such as all your electronic devices, passport, purse/wallet, your travel documents (tickets etc.) and accessories like hand lotion, sanitizer, nasal spray, eye drops, chewing gums and what else you need on the plane. 


Generally you can say pack your backpack as you would go on a trip for one week. Lay out all your garments and take those which you can combine very well together. 

I'd pack the following:

  • a pair of sandals, one pair of sneakers and one pair of hiking boots

  • 1-2 shorts

  • at least one "Haremshose"/ harem pants / baggy trousers

  • 1-2 comfortable dresses (long & short)

  • 5-7 tops / T-shirts

  • 1-2 long sleeve shirts 

  • 1 sweater for very cold nights, the flight etc.

  • protective clothing against mosquitos if you're planning to go in malaria areas

  • 1 zip trousers 

  • 1 wind,- and raincoat 

  • 2 leggings (breathable and sweat-repellent)

  • 2 sport T-shirts (breathable and sweat-repellent)

  • underwear 

  • swimming trunk / bikini 

  • a cap or a heat 

And, remember if you forgot something, you are still on planet Earth, you can always buy new things where you at ;) I even prefer buying unique garments in every different country as kind of souvenir as well as I'd like to adapt myself to my new environment 100%.

Other useful items

Must have:

  • World adapter

  • Mosquito spray for body and clothing from "No Bite Deet 50"

  • International driving license if you plan on driving a car abroad

  • Raincover for your backpack

  • Headphones to escape the daily life

  • Earplugs in case of laud snoring neighbors 

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun cream 

  • Travel wash soap 

  • Body soap and shampoo in form of a soap

  • Microfibre towels (they are super small, light and quick dry!)

  • Clothesline in case there is no other way in your accommodation 

  • Belly pocket! (maybe even a waterproof one?) Ideal to store your phone, passport, money/bank cards in there

  • First aid kit (mini)

Nice to have:

  • Light sleeping bag in case your hostel bed doesn't look that nice or there are no sleeping sheets

  • Mosquito net with self-adhesive power stripes and ceiling hook to fasten

  • Carbon cutlery (carbon is ultra light) in case you don't want to 

  • Camera / selfie stick / GoPro

  • Laptop / iPad

  • A few power/protein bars 

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