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I was ready to give up everything

"I was ready to leave everything behind me, but not like that."

I limited myself in clothing, jewellery, make-up, actually all materials what you don't need for living. I was ready to leave my car, apartment, work, friends and family for an indefinite time.

I never had to restrict myself, I've always got everything that I could afford myself. One time, I wanted to experience how it is to have literally nothing but your survival bag. In return you would have gotten the pure vitality, happiness and a life changing experience.

This sounds like a very good deal, doesn't it?

Sure, but not if the world is about to break apart, not with an ongoing war between people fighting over food in order to survive. I never thought that I will be confronted with such conditions that quickly, right here, in an industrialized country with a good health care system.

"I have to realize my plans are completely messed up."

A virus is about to shut down the economy, the system of the whole world and the life of every individual.

Within days I have to watch how my dream is getting a completely new challenge.

I have to realize that I won't leave this country as planned on beginning of April. It will delay itself to a later point of time. Yet, no one knows when it will be.

I've set myself a rough timeline for my travel route considering the rain and dry period, the best traveling time and so on. Actually I didn't planned that detailed but still enough for changing everything now. For those travelers who are planning everything spontaneously, Happy You! You've nothing lost. Well, I am lucky that I've also only booked my first flight and my first project - which can be both rescheduled to a later date!

I was wondering why this is happening to me but I know everything is happening for a reason. So, I stay positively and accept this new challenge!

"I've never been afraid of traveling alone. However, this situation is making me frightened because no one knows what will come."

I've always been brave. Always gone my own way without any worries. I've made the step and quit almost everything in order to live my dream. But this uncertainty about my future dream is frighting me.

When will I be able to leave Germany again? When will these restrictions and curfews stop? When will the first fully booked plane take off again?

Will money become a completely new worth to the people?

Will the smaller companies, shops, restaurants, travel agencies, organizations etc., survive?

No matter how fast or how slowly we get back to the routes, my journey won't be the same anymore. The tourism and travel freedom has suffered a lot. It's up to every single person out there how fast we go back to the routes.

"The positive side-effects are bringing light into darkness."

The planet stands still. But this has also positive side effects for our planet earth.

  1. Getting fresh air again! The environmental pollution will be reduced through less exhaust fumes.

  2. Our climate will be thankful for less CO2 emissions too.

  3. Without the traffic of ships and ferries, dolphins have reappeared at the harbour.

  4. The water in channels of Italy is getting clearer and fish are swimming in there again.

  5. Kindness and solidarity are rising!

  6. Through the curfews people are having more time to take care of undone things, spend time with family and get to know themselves better.

Let's hope and pray that this is not the end of the world - it is just a wake-up call in order value our planet more and enjoy every minute of life!

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