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Desert Road
How to start?
You are wondering how to face your dream
and need some inspiration or some guidelines? 
Perfect! You are now one step closer to realize your dream!  

There are plenty of reasons to take a TIME-OUT. If you have been questioning the meaning of your life since months or even years and always had that deep desire to see more of the world - it is time to face your dream! 

Start googling, get yourself some inspirations, follow some world travelers, read blogs and your motivation will fight all the worries and fears!

Test yourself if you are "made" for a round-the-world trip!

  • I want to see more of the world. 30 days vacation a year is insufficient 

  • My job is not satisfying me. I need new inspirations/experiences

  • I don't know yet what my vocation/passion is

  • I finished school/university/my traineeship and want to gain some experiences abroad

  • I want to learn new languages and get to know new cultures

  • I am not satisfied with the life in my country - I feel like I'm born in the wrong country 

  • I need this journey to get to know myself better - to increase my self-confidence

  • I want to do good on earth - combine traveling with some volunteering projects

  • I am ready to leave all prosperity, friends and family behind (if you are traveling alone)

  • I am ready to minimize my standard of living

  • I am open-minded, independent, kind and respectful enough in order to adapt new environments perfectly and don't get in trouble

  • My mindset is mainly positive (it helps you to get along with difficult situations)

  • I am not giving up after one defeat 

  • I am ready to face my fears and accept this challenge


If you could answer at least half of the questions with YES you are emotionally ready to make this happen.

You are now ready to plan your own trip (with my help of course!)
Not sure yet 
Maybe you will gain some confidence if you read my blog!
Traveling alone or with friends?

The first question you are asking yourself might be "Who will come with me?"

It is a justifiable question everyone is asking themselves before starting such a long trip. It has both their disadvantages and advantages. But you should never hinge YOUR dream on other people! I'd say it's more difficult to find the appropriate travel mate than taking all your courage and travel by your own.


Traveling with your boy,-girlfriend/friends:

If you have a boy,-girlfriend you most probably want them to join you because you are not sure if the relationship will last or don't want to break up. If your boy,-girlfriend will join you there will be always one partner who has more passion behind it (mostly the one who decided to go this way). Conflicts will be predestined. I'm not saying that every relationship will suffer under such a big trip, there are also lot's of partners who made it together but then you have to make sure you have the same goals, same passion and already leading a harmonized relationship together. You will face a lot of new and unknown situations, you will be together 24/7, as spending the nights in hostels you won't have much privacy, etc. There are a lot of cons but this can also lead to a much more closer and deeper relationship you've ever had with someone before! If you stand this journey together, there's not much who will break you apart. 

Traveling with a good friend or more is almost the same. Make sure that you work perfectly together, have the same destinations, intentions as well as you should have travelled together before in order to know you will get along together. Obviously, it's nice to have a close friend by your side from the beginning on as you can plan together, sharing the same memories, having an unforgettable time together, sharing the costs (maybe can afford a nicer accommodation) and if there are difficulties you don't have to go through it by your own.

Traveling alone:

Traveling alone needs courage, no question! But starting alone does not mean you will travel alone!

There will be other backpackers who have the same intentions you have! And most of the time you will spend the nights in hostels, where you will make friends quickly. If you are open-minded and tolerant towards other people you won't have problems. Yet, you still feel unconfident, you also have the possibility to travel with the help of an organization. They will give you support and guidelines in the beginning as well as you start with a group of other travelers sitting in the same boat as you do. Therefore be brave and see it as a challenge!

It has also the advantages that you are more flexible especially concerning the travel destinations, you don't have to make compromises, you will focus more on your own needs (which is important for your mental growth) and it's easier to make new friends. 

In my opinion definitely the better option, as I am doing this journey mainly for myself and don't want to restrict myself in any way. 

Some of the girls might be asking, how does she dare to travel alone as a woman? 

It is a challenge more to overcome! But no obstacle! View more in my blog!

The time - When will be the right time and how long should the journey go?

If you are looking for the right time, there is almost no perfect time. You will always find something which could hold you back. You have to find the right balance between your gut instinct and your current situation in life. I can only say, don't wait too long to live your dreams but it's also never to late!

But if you got to a point in life where you are not satisfied anymore and can't see the positive things anymore it is time to change something. We only live once!

How long you want to travel is up to you and depends on what you are ready to give up for an unforgettable or life changing time.

A round-the-world trip can take 3 months, 6 months, a year or two or even longer. It depends on what you want to see, what you want to do (volunteering, work & travel or only travel), how much money you provide and what you want to give up in your home country. 

3-6 months:

If you definitely plan to come back home because you don't want to give up your relationship, apartment or other prosperities, still, need a small timeout - there are lot's of routes you can take for 3-6 months. 

Up to 1 year:

If you need a longer timeout in order to gain some life-changing experience (maybe between school and entering profession) a year is a good time and through work & travel programs also no problem to afford. 

The open-end RTW-trip:

Nothing is holding you back in your home country? You need the ultimate adventure which will change your life? Then you are ready to give up your job, apartment, every prosperity and leaving friends and family behind in order to LIVE life. 

Transport - Which transportation do you prefer?
Surfing Holidays
Do you want to travel sustainably and cheap?

Most backpackers choose this option because you "kill two birds with one stone".

That means if you choose mainly transportation on the road such as bus, (night-) train, scooter, bike or your own car you're not only saving a lot of money you also do something good for our environment. 

Plus, you will travel in "real-time" which means the time difference is getting you not that hard like a jet lag after a 9 hours flight as well as you get to see beautiful places you never meant to reach. 


Or do you prefer the jet leg life and get around as fast as possible?

This is definitely the more luxurious option which also means you need more money. Flying from place to place or taking a vessel is more comfortable and faster but also an environmental aspect. If you have the money and no guilty conscience, okay, I probably would take that into consideration as well. 

But what is more important in my opinion (and that's what a RTW trip actually stands for) is the closeness to the new environment and traveling in real-time to see as much as possible. Also things you have not planned. That's what makes it unforgettable afterwards. 

What to do with your job, apartment, car?

The next questions which come up will be, what should I do with my job, my apartment, my car, etc.?

It all depends on how long you will be away and what you want to give up. 

If you're unsatisfied in your current job and wanted to quit anyway - there are no more words needed.

But if you want to keep your job, ask your company about a sabbatical year (most of the big companies do support it) or what possibilities you have (unpaid vacation etc.). 

If you're living at home still, tell your parents about your plan as soon as you feel secure and ask them to understand your decision and support you.

If you're living in an apartment you have the possibility to quit it as well or you sublease your apartment during the time you're gone. Subleasing has the advantage you can leave your furniture and all greater purchases in your apartment and as soon as you come back you still have your "old comfortable surroundings", also a piece of security. Quitting your apartment has the advantages that you increase your travel fund from the proceeds of your prosperity and can start completely new. 

The same for your car or any other type of transportation. If you decide to go at least for a year though, I'd recommend to sell it in order to take the money for your trip because it will loose its value anyway if it won't be used. 

The easiest way is if you have friends and family who will take care of your stuff, use it during this time and if you come back you can get all your things back if you still want them.

Keep it as a secret! For the first time!

As you have made your decision and are ready to realize your plan - keep it as a secret for the first couple of weeks. The more know about your plans the more difficulties you might occur. Especially if you are still insecure and are struggling with yourself - tell only one of your closest friends who you know they will support you in every life decision you make! This is important because those who don't want to lose you (family members, some friends, colleagues at work) they will (unintentionally or intentionally) try to keep you here. 

It does not mean they want to harm you, it simply means they are worrying about you and your future. 


So, first of all, deal with that topic on your own, until you feel confident enough to tell everybody from your plans and no-one will hold you back!

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